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Why Contested Divorce May Not Be Right for You

Posted on Jun 12, 2017 by in Divorce | 0 comments

There are mainly two kinds of divorce cases. There is contested divorce, where the spouses have failed to agree on certain or all terms of the separation, and there is uncontested divorce, where the spouses agree on almost everything.

When you look at it, contested divorce has its advantages. It avoids biases because the spouses can speak up. It is just, because the spouses are likely to get what they rightfully divorce. But it is important to note that it also has its disadvantages.

It can be more emotional

The idea of contested divorce is that a spouse doesn’t agree with something, so he or she is going to contest it. In other words, contested divorce is argumentative in nature, giving much more room for emotion such as anger, guilt, and jealousy.

And if one spouse ends up “losing” in an argument and the court has decided against him or her, he or she may take it more personally and create more bad feelings between the spouses.

It is time-consuming

Arguments exist to better the case of each spouse regarding the term he or she disagrees with, or to at least help in creating a compromise that can leave both spouses satisfied. Of course, these do not happen swiftly. In fact, the arguments make contested divorces very time-consuming, especially if these arguments require documents and other evidence.

It is often more expensive

Uncontested divorce often involves minimal navigation to legalities, so if there are totally no disagreements between the spouses, not hiring a lawyer can be a viable option. But you cannot say the same thing for contested divorce. According to the website of the Fort Worth divorce attorneys of the Maynard Law Firm, PLLC, contested divorce may be difficult enough to warrant the hiring of a legal professional.

This translates to attorney fees that could have been prevented if the divorce has been uncontested. This expense can also be magnified by the fact that contested divorce is often time-consuming.

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