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Independent Car Insurance Companies – Helping Drivers Find the Best, yet, Cheapest Car Insurance Quote

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 by in Car Insurance | 0 comments

One way of having protection for your vehicle, of having ready cash for repairs or replacement in case it gets stolen, catches fire or is damaged, is by purchasing collision insurance. To protect other people from injury and their property from damages, however, in the event of an accident that is a result of your negligence or recklessness, the thing required is liability insurance. While collision insurance is for your own protection and is voluntarily purchased, liability insurance is for the protection of an innocent victim and is mandated in as many as 48 states.

Car liability insurance is mandated in the US (except in the states of New Hampshire and Virginia where it is enough for drivers to post a bond or cash equal to the amount of damages in a crash). Its two most common types are the full tort car insurance coverage and the no-fault insurance coverage, which is otherwise called personal injury protection (PIP).

In full tort insurance coverage, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider is responsible in paying the accident victim the compensation that will cover all damages resulting from the injuries (this may include medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among others) and damaged properties. A lawsuit is usually filed by one driver (the victim) in order to prove the liability of the other and for compensation purposes.

No-fault insurance coverage is considered by many as more advantageous to drivers due to the following reasons:

  • No lawsuit needs to be files by anyone, making payment of compensation faster;
  • The drivers involved in an accident are compensated by their own insurance provider, regardless of whose fault the accident is. This coverage will benefit specifically those who are victims of uninsured drivers or hit and runs.

One problem with some insurance firms, however, is the method they use in order to increase cost of premium. What they do is research about a driver’s driving history, age, driving experience, type of car driven and the possibility of being required to carry an SR-22 filing. Thus, besides past traffic violations, driving a car, such as a high-powered sports car, which has a high potential for damage and requires costly repair, can result to expensive premiums which can put a heavy strain on a person’s budget.

Drivers, however, need not pay higher premiums, according to Madison, WI car accident attorneys, an independent car insurance company, because there are many firms, such as this one mentioned, which can help drivers find a car insurance provider that will be able to provide them the coverage based on their specific needs, situation and budget.

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