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I Just Witnessed the Greatest Distracted Driver in History

Posted on Nov 18, 2017 by in Distracted Driving, Personal Injury | 0 comments

I’ve got to mention this somewhere because I just couldn’t believe it when this happened. So, here I am, posting it for the world to read. I’m not looking to go viral, and I know I won’t just blogging, I just wish I’d taken a video so people would really believe me.

So, I was trying down the interstate this morning. Heavy traffic, bumper to bumper, you know how it goes. Everyone’s going to the same place, it seems, no break in the traffic. I always wish I could find a job that started a little later or a little earlier to miss the rush, but whatever, that’s not the point of the story.

Anyway, I was behind this car, it was newish, maybe two years old or something but it was all beat up, which I think you’ll understand why in a minute. It had part of the back fender falling off, I remember that. I should have gotten the license, but early mornings, you know, and I was so distracted watching…

So, this guy drove the entire way down the interstate, maybe for thirty minutes, without looking away from his phone. I don’t mean like was glancing every now and then or like he was calling someone and chatting and then calling someone else. I mean thirty minutes nonstop he was staring straight at the screen.

I don’t know how he was also driving. I was amazed he didn’t hit anyone. I didn’t see him full on look up once. I suppose that made me kind of a danger as well since I was so distracted by him. I watched him like he was watching that screen. It was riveting. I swear, it was like the guy has a superpower or something. Thirty minutes, I’m not exaggerating. Did not look up once.

I ended up pulling off one exit before mine to follow him a little further. I just had to see where this guy was going. I had a running bet with myself he was just going to drive off the road at some point, and I was betting when and where. I ended up being late for work by about ten minutes, but it was totally worth it.

So, I follow the guy when he gets off the interstate, follow him down a few streets in the city, which are generally heading toward my office anyway, so bonus, I didn’t feel quite so bad, and guess where he pulled in.

A police station. Yeah, he works at a police station. I don’t know if he’s a cop or what, but he definitely works there I think. And guess what else?

He was still on his phone when he got out of the car. Amazing, right?

I can’t believe a cop doesn’t know it’s completely illegal and he can totally get sued for distracted driving. I wonder how long he can keep getting away with that kind of behavior. Maybe forever if he really does have a superpower, but then, judging by that car…

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