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How to deal with a car accident

Posted on Aug 16, 2017 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Getting in a car accident is something no one wants to be in, but it happens. There could drunk drivers on your road or someone looking too long on the phone. There are many distractions that cause safety hazards for drivers and yourself. If you do happen to get in a car accident, there are five things the TG Daily says to avoid.

Understand that there is damage to the car and yourself. You may be scared or distraught but it is important to protect your rights. This is common and scary for most drivers. Car accidents have the opportunity to have lifelong repercussions, and there are certain actions you must take immediately. If you are in a wreck, you must immediately move your car away from the hazard. You must leave your car if it is on fire or smoking, and you must call the police. If you don’t need to move the vehicle or cannot move the vehicle, you need to leave it in the exact location of the accident. Police will use the vehicle’s positioning to try and understand the accident. If you are able, you must take videos and photos of the accident scene to serve as your evidence. You should not do this if you have serious injuries. Your health is the important thing to worry about after a car accident. In good health, there are five steps to take. The first is to never leave the accident scene unless the police say so. The only OK is if you need dire medical attention. Otherwise, you would want to stay. If there is a serious injury or death, you may be in trouble if you leave the accident scene.Second, never admit fault. All lawyers would agree on this. Do not reach to a conclusion because fault is determined by facts and events leading to the accident. “You could have paid more attention” could be used against you, but let the professionals determine who is at fault. Third, do not discuss with the opposing insurance company the events. Be very cautious if so. The best thing to do is hire a car accident attorney. An attorney can handle the insurance company to make sure you do not get in legal trouble. Insurance adjusters work for the company and want to pay as little as possible. Most cases you want the attorney to do all the talking on your behalf. Fourth, do not go on social media disclosing the details of the event. Pictures you share can be misconstrued. People may see you showing selfies of you drinking and argue that your quality of life has lowered. Privacy settings can help with this. The last thing you can do is to not wait to make a claim or file a lawsuit. You may miss the window, so talk to a lawyer and discover your options.  

All in all, you should protect your health and not speak to enemy insurance companies. Never admit fault, especially if you’re trying to win a case.

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