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Criminal Defense

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by in Criminal Defense | 0 comments

Regardless the degree of the charge, criminal offenses are never to be taken lightly. Even first time convictions can significantly impact an offender’s life since having a criminal record can substantially limit one’s life options. For example, having a criminal record can affect an offender’s educational, housing, and career opportunities far into the future.

Categories of criminal defense

Fortunately, being charged with a crime isn’t the same as being convicted, and a good criminal defense lawyer can help either lessen the charges against you or get them dropped altogether. Examples of criminal charges include:

  • DWI charges
  • Drug charges
  • Theft and robbery
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Gun and Weapon Possession
  • White collar crimes
  • Murder/homicide
  • Asset seizure and forfeiture

An offender’s punishment can vary greatly depending on the degree and nature of their crime, but an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help reduce negative consequences by creating a tailored defense strategy.

White collar crimes

Oftentimes, we associate “crime” with street crime and violence. However, crimes can be committed by anyone, anywhere—including their workplace. Sometimes referred to as “business crimes,” white collar crimes are typically carried out by professionals looking to get ahead financially. Over the past two decades, penalties for white collar crimes have grown increasingly harsh. Now it’s not uncommon for people to receive a prison sentence for a business-related offense. Examples of such offenses include identity theft, bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, and securities fraud. Since white collar crimes can involve many complex legal nuances, it’s often a good idea for offenders to immediately hire a criminal defense lawyer who can help them avoid unfavorable outcomes.

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